For a good couple of years now Boot Camps, like ours here at NuBeginnings have been all the rage. The concept of going away and working out intensively while concentrating on diet and general over-all health appeals to all age groups and sizes, it seems. And don’t be surprised to find yourself jogging on a treadmill alongside celebs such as actors Darren Day and Tamzin Outhwaite either.

On the face of it, it seems crazy to book yourself in for such Boot Camp ‘punishment’ when you could be spending your time at a luxurious spa instead.

But actually that ‘punishment’ can be good fun – and liberating. For a start, think of all those feel-good endorphins exercise generates. Best bit of all though is the RESULTS!!

At NuBeginnings the average weight loss for clients is 10lbs. But we’re not just talking about a physical change, mentally you’ll be more prepared for the challenges a diet and fitness regime can bring – the crumbling will power, desire to binge and inertia when it comes to exercise. You’ll feel more self-confident and happy with yourself so it’ll be easier to deal with these negative thoughts.

Other reasons Boot Camps work

  • Cameraderie – it’s  you fighting the bulge (and maybe if you happen to be up a sand dune maybe the desire to give-in). You just don’t get this at the gym alone or bouncing along to the latest exercise DVD at home
  • Discipline – Once you get into the swing of it, you’ll see how effective and essential having a disciplined attitude to life can be
  • Support – sometimes all you need to keep going is a teensy wee bit of encouragement and a reminder of how well you’ve done so far. That’s where the support of the NuBeginnings team really comes into its own
  • Empathy – you know when the rest of your team tell you they understand exactly how you feel that they’re not just saying it.

There’s lots of other reasons Boot Camps work, those are just a handful which instantly spring to mind. Probably the biggest reason for our success here at NuBeginnings is something we’re told repeatedly – that people have FUN!!

Yes, they enjoy getting away from their busy home and working environments and knuckling down to concentrate on themselves and their weight/fitness routines for a week or two. And better still, everyone goes home with a new friend or two, or three…